Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shadowcast images overlayed on Google Maps Satellite Images

RECC have objectively overlayed the shadowcast images from Menta's shadowing studies upon Google Maps satellite images of the affected neighbourhood.

The image below shows the affect of the 880 meter shadow anticipated for 21st March at 5:00pm - different days of the year and times of the day vary from this. Without doubt the homes nearest the development will be overshadowed due to the cumulative affect of the proposed and existing buildings during afternoon periods year-round.

Want to see if you'll be affected?

There are many Internet sites that will tell you the distance between two Post Codes. Here's one we've tried...

Enter the Post Code of CR0 6BU as the marker for the Menta development site (this was the Post Code for Amy Johnson House before it was demolished ahead of the Council consultation for the planning application). Enter your Post Code as the second entry.

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